Why UPVC is better than Aluminium and Wood?

Why UPVC is better than Aluminium and Wood?


Wooden and aluminium material for windows and doors is an old story now. To give a modern and contemporary look to their homes, most of the people are opting for UPVC doors and windows. They come in different sleek styles and colours and giving your house a classy and modern look. Unplasticized polyvinyl chloride, also known as vinyl, has become the most preferred choice of manufacturers in making different items to increase their life span as the material UPVC is extremely durable and strong.

A new start up double glazing company (Complete Glazing) are running an apprenticeship scheme throughout March to offer children in Birmingham a fantastic career opportunity.

There are a number of reasons why the UPVC material has becomes the best choice for doors and windows over aluminium and wood whether you’re getting them for your home or office. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons of UPVC material being the best choice.

Monsoon & Wind Resistance

UPVC doors and windows have a special resistance mechanism for rain that can deal with the rainy season in the most efficient way. It doesn’t allow the rain water to come inside through the door or window. The doors and windows are reinforced with steel and are multi-chambered so that they could withstand strong winds. As for aluminium door and windows, they cannot withstand wind and rain and can be damaged easily.

Exposure to Sun

UPVC doors and windows are poor conductors of heat and do not let it come in through them. They do not get faded even after getting exposed to the sun excessively whereas aluminium and wooden doors and windows get fade and lose their beauty with excessive sun exposure. Hence, they are required to be painted once a year or so to maintain their look.

Low Maintenance

One of the main reason for the popularity of the UPVC doors and windows is they require very little maintenance as compared to the other materials making them the most cost-efficient. They can easily last around 20 years or more before requiring any sort of maintenance. All you need to do is to clean them occasionally whereas aluminium and wooden doors and windows require constant maintenance. UPVC doors and windows can withstand seasonal changes and provide you with a cleaner and cosy surrounding.

Style to Cater for Everyone

UPVC windows and doors are available easily and can be installed with no difficulty. They come in different sizes as per the requirement of the homeowner. For large windows, one can opt for sliding door windows. Many new designs are coming in the market in UPVC windows and doors giving a distinct yet classy look to your home. Some popular UPVC windows style around the globe include French, coupling, bay, tilt and turn, and many others.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, UPVC windows and doors have many other advantages over aluminium and wooden doors and windows. You simply have to get them installed at your place to experience their utility.

Top Means of Public Transport in Birmingham

Top Means of Public Transport in Birmingham

Birmingham is one of the largest and the busiest cities of England. The city is rich in culture and historical. The city is flooded with tourists and visitors every time of the year. Hardly, there are times when the roads are empty. People of Birmingham love sightseeing and that is why the sites of Birmingham are always filled with people. In order to get a better view of Birmingham, the tourist guides always advise using the public transport. The citizens prefer public transport over personal transport. If you are travelling to Birmingham for the first time, you should be concerned about the modes of public transport available. In this article, we will be discussing the top means of public transport available in Birmingham. The list is given below.


Buses are very common in Birmingham. They are highly preferred by the students. People also use them to travel to their offices. However, buses in Birmingham do not give change. The travellers have to carry cash in loose. This can get frustrating at times. However, friends in groups still love to travel via buses. Buses are best for sightseeing. Tourists love taking buses because they get to visit different places at once.


There are three stations in Birmingham. These are one of the popular means of public transport in the city. People prefer trains over buses to save time and avoid traffic jams and noise of the horns. They are not only cheap but also very efficient. People working near stations love to travel via trains to get to their workplaces faster.


With metro, the public transport got a new life, especially in Birmingham. The Metro is a tram system that runs between Wolver Hampton and Birmingham Snow Hill. The network only comprises on one line and is more geared up for commuters and shoppers. Metro system is still in the developmental phase and it will be spread to more routes soon so that the people can enjoy the amazing metro ride throughout the city.


Taxis especially Black Cabs, are very common in Birmingham. The best thing about the taxis is that you can tip the driver in order to get better services which otherwise are not very likely. However, it is not compulsory to tip the driver. You have to mention how much money he has to deduct if you are giving him a bigger currency note. Taxis are also handy to get the better look of Birmingham but there are chances that you have to face traffic jams. I personally recommend using Birmingham City Taxis (https://www.birminghamcitytaxis.co.uk/) for a fast and reliable taxi service in Birmingham.

These are some of the best modes of public transportation in Birmingham. If you are a tourist and planning to visit Birmingham, you should definitely consider any of these means to get a better look of Birmingham and also make your trip more joyful and affordable. We hope you find this article helpful and full of knowledge about the public transport means available in the wonderful city of Birmingham, England.

Fireplaces – What they can do for you and your home


Believe it or not, fireplaces are a huge part of your home. When you walk into a room, it is important to have something that holds it all together. A focal point in a room is what draws people in and what the furniture surrounds. Best Electric Fireplaces sell a wide range of electric fires, they are the perfect thing to have as a focal point as a fireplace is what makes your house, more like a home.

There are 3 main things that an electric fireplace can do for your home. These things are all equally as important, especially if you treasure your home. Inviting people round will become so much easier and you will find that your home will be more inviting and appealing to yourself and others.

Cosy nights in

There is no better way to get comfy than lying next to a fireplace, watching it’s flames glow and gently flicker. An electric fire offers a relaxing ambience, without breathing in the harsh smoke and fumes a real fireplace gives off. Electric fireplaces can bring warmth to your home and make it more luxurious to live in.

Designs galore

The best thing about electric fireplaces is, there are so many different colours and designs to choose from. Most of the time, what design you have in mind, you will more than likely find it somewhere online or in a store. Electric fireplaces can bring your home to life by creating a focal point for your room and making your home decor stand out.

Easy peasy

The installation process of an electric fireplace is to literally just plug it in. An electric fireplace is so easy to maintain as you don’t need to buy any materials to get the fire going every night as the flames are real life LED lights. They make it so easy to have a cosy and warm living room without having to lift a finger… apart from pressing a button to switch it on.


Written by Mark Collins, Sussex University Graduate.

Have a passion you want to follow?

Having a passion for something can be rare, especially when it comes to a job. Most people nowadays fall into a job and stick with it being a nine to five, five days a week thing. You will also find that more than most people don’t even enjoy there job and find it more of a chore rather than an exciting role. My dad worked for an independant financial advisors for most of his life and found it difficult to get up every morning.

Even though he loved his job and loved everything that it entailed, he was travelling 2 hours there and 2 hours to get home, and that was without traffic! He found that he was dragging himself to work, barely making it through the day and then driving home half asleep and missing dinner most nights. He knew deep down that something had to be done or he would start to spiral into depression.


What should you do next?

One morning he woke up and something had changed… his mindset. Once you change your mind, everything begins to fall into place. He decided he was going to start his own independant financial advisors company and he was going to make it work!


If you are lucky enough to find an occupation that you love, but you want more from it, follow your dream! You are more than capable of setting up your own business! Why not you? My dad set up his own business and he has never been so happy! He just took the plunge and fortunately, it worked.


Sometimes, it doesn’t always go to plan, but if you know what you want and you are persistent in getting that, you will always succeed in the end, just never give up.

Ever thought about going solo?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to go solo? Owning your own business has many, many perks to it, but can also have its downfalls too. I thought i would write this blog to give you an idea about owning your own business so that you can decide whether or not it could be for you.

I know a friend of a friend that set up their own electric fireplaces company and it was the best thing they ever did. But i also know someone who set up a business doing plumbing in Plymouth that is still trying to get their business off the ground, 3 years later.


Here are some of the pros to working your own business:




  • Money – Owning your own business gives you the advantage and allows you to work harder and earn more money rather than that extra cash going to your boss.
  • Power – Being your own boss gives you the power of make all of the crucial decisions that will give you your own success.
  • Helping the locals – You have the power to give local people a job and to help out the economy.
  • You have security – No one can decide to fire you one day, you are secure.



Along with the pros, you also have some cons too, so be careful when decided:




  • Investments – When starting your own business, you may have to fork out and invest in whatever it is you want to endeavour on.
  • Time – You may have to dedicate the time and effort and may miss out on important things but you must remember, it’ll be worth it in the end.
  • Uncertain money – Your income may be unsteady, and there may be times that you have none at all but just don’t give up.


  • Learning about yourself – You may learn things about yourself that you never knew. You may need to embark on new adventures that put you out of your comfort zone.


Whether you decide its for you or not, always follow what you believe is the right choice for you, don’t ever let anyone else influence you.

What jobs are out there for you?

Looking for a job can be stressful! Not only do you have to know what you want to do, but you must find a company to take you on as well. Once you have finished your education, whether that be school, college, an apprenticeship or university, you must then decided where you want to do. Whether you want to become a tree surgeon and work outside, or you want to work inside and be in more of an office environment.

So, here are some ideas as to what jobs are out there:


    • Gardener – Maybe you are more of an outdoors kind of person and you have a passion for making residential and commercial properties looking beautiful from the outside. Once you have your skills and qualifications to be a professional gardener, you can then apply for a gardening business or set up your own gardening business in Plymouth.

      Knowing all about what flowers go best with others and how to get rid of unwanted weeds in a garden, it all comes with knowledge but also experience.


  • Tree Surgeon – If you like the outdoors and you don’t have a fear of heights, tree surgery could be the job for you. Being outdoors all day isn’t for everybody but a lot of people do like it. Tree surgery has a lot of services involved, from tree felling to hedge trimming, there is so much to learn but once you have the skill, you have it for life. 
  • Administrator – A lot of people prefer to work inside, especially in the winter. Working for others can be a nice way to learn more about what they do as well as your job role. To become an administrator, you must undergo certain exams and get the relevant qualifications.



Whatever you decide to do, make sure it is the right job for you. If you find out it’s not, then it isn’t the end of the world. Your education is the most important thing and once you have the relevant qualifications, you can make it.