If you believe, you can achieve

I decided to write this blog to not only inspire you, but to make you realise that anything is possible. If you want to be something in life, with dedication and determination, you can get there… but it can take time. The story I am going to tell you about is of a successful roofer from Plymouth who created a successful business (Plymouth Roofers).

Starting from the beginning, there was a student here at Sussex university who never believed in himself. When asked to do assignments or work, he would never give his best as he never thought his best would be good enough anyway. As a teacher, I tried to make him realise that giving his best would be more than good enough, but he didn’t listen.

As the months went by, it became that time of year where he had to make a choice. He either had to carry on how he was, or really dedicate his life to his work and pass his exams. After a few words of wisdom, I seemed to break him and he promised me he would really knuckle down on his work for the coming months.

The moral of this story is, just because you haven’t done enough already, doesn’t mean you can’t change it and make everything better. My student worked so hard for the next few months and he passed his exams. He is now a successful roofer and has all the experience he needs. Whatever it is you want in life, just do it! He didn’t believe in himself but as soon as he changed his thoughts, his world changed too.

What route should you take?

I thought I would set up a blog page on all of the things you need to know about choosing the right career path. I decided to do this as when I left school, I really struggled in terms of ‘what to do now!’ and then I started to panick. I lived next to a kitchen showroom so I thought I could always start working there and make my way up to manager.

But, because I panicked, I got further and further away from any education plans and I started to lose interest in finding something to do. I became more interested in what I was wearing and what I was going to do tonight! So, I definitely needed to change something!


Throughout school, I was one of those people who never had any idea what I wanted to do! I wasn’t one of those people who knew from day one or one of those people who had a passion for something that I loved and wanted to do for the rest of my life. All I kept thinking was… ‘one day, something will come my way and I will do it forever’… but that day never came!


After having left school for a whole year (I called it my well deserved break) I realised that the ‘bank of dad’ wouldn’t always be acceptable to use and I had to get my own money! After all of my friends had already done another year of education or work, I was never able to do the things they did as I had no money of my own!


I started to search for jobs going locally to me and I ended up getting a job in my favourite local pub just down the road from me. I absolutely loved it in their but I knew it wasn’t going to give me the life I desperately wanted!


What I was trying to explain to you in this blog is that, things don’t always go to plan right away, but please don’t make the mistake I did and waste a whole year on worrying about what you’re going to wear to the next party! Don’t just work in the local pub! Aim for the highest and make sure you achieve it, ten fold!


Look out for my future blogs on all types of opportunities and wisdom! Thanks for reading 🙂

What stage are you at right now?

So, we are fast approaching that time of year where all of the students leaving school are starting to think about what they want to do in life. You may be heading off to university, college, staying on at school or maybe heading off to a new job or apprenticeship. Whatever stage you’re at, you must know by now that education is so important!

Why does education matter so much?

The grades you may have got or are aiming towards can be changed by experience and persistence but the knowledge and the training of the mind that education gives you, that is what will set you up for life!


Do you know what you want to do yet?

Some students will already know what they want to do but some will be concerned of whether or not they are making the right choice. Some students don’t even know what they want to do yet, and with the time to choose fast approaching, they’re beginning to panic!


Whatever you want to do, as long as you give it your all, you can achieve anything. If you’re unsure of what to do, why not ask for help and guidance? Where I lived in Plymouth, there was a limited amount of people that i could really ask, everyone already knew what they were doing and no one really had the time to help me.


But I went and asked around local shops and got their advice on what they did. I found that many people just followed their heart instead of their head and did something that they loved! So go out there and find what it is that you love and then, it will all start to fall into place.


Thanks for reading 🙂